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Littlestown was layed out by
and named for Peter Klein (Little)
A window to the past.
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Information Sent to us from Hunterstown Historical Society

Hi Betty...

After speaking with my husband concernig your request, he believes the SOONER I point you folks in the right direction...the better. : )
I agree.

I think if you've checked our webpage, you will get an idea of our mission.

You need a Mission say why it is you are organizing.
It helps you to focus.
Ours is a historical society, but also a community organization.
--Find a place to meet every month, preferably where you don't have to pay. : )
--Our first meeting last February we had 14 people show up.
Those same 14 are our "core group"...with many others joining us.
--Take as many pictures as you can to document your meetings and events.
--Take minutes from the very first meeting...and all subsequent meetings.
-- Get a news release to the newspaper advertising your meeting.
-- Plan a FUN event to get the community involved.
When I was working in Littlestown two years ago...
there were several great events....people need to take pride
and ownership in their communities. : ) I saw that in your town : )
-- Make up membership forms to have at that first meeting.
An example is on our webpage.
--Get business cards made up, it makes people take you seriously : )
Go to
...they will print 250 cards for you for FREE! You pay the postage.
I was able to design our own : )
--Open a "community spirit" checking account (Adams County Bank).
You will need a tax ID number prior to opening...and you will also need a list of "officers" ....who will be signing. Make sure there are at least TWO signers of checks. (a safety note) You can go online to get the tax ID #...
If you do, you get the number that day. If you mail takes a few weeks.
-- To become a "tax excempt" IRS. They have a publication that they will send you that will help you. The form itself is found online at their website. It takes time to get approved.
--Don't be shy about asking people in your community to help.
Once they understand what you are trying to accomplish...
they will come to your aid. : )
-- Lastly, we are still working on our by-laws. Several of our members have given us copies from other organizations. Pick and choose what will apply to your group.
It is more important to take minutes...than have the by-laws in the begining.
We are moving so fast just doesn't seem like there's enough time in a day! (it's because of the Gettysburg Re-Enactment this year) They are doing "our" battle!! : )
Betty....This is just a start...but it will get you moving in the right direction.
When you are organized, let me know. There is an Adams County project that I am working on to link all these smaller groups and see if there may be help from some of the larger groups that are already in place in Adams County.
If you have me here...the response time will be I am always online typing something! : )

Have a nice day!
Much SUCCESS to YOU!!!

" The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
Walter Bagehot

Laurie Harding
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