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Littlestown, PA 17340
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10 South QueenStreet

Littlestown, PA 17340

Incorporated and 501c3 approved.
All donations are tax deductabile.

Littlestown was layed out by
and named for Peter Klien (Little)
A window to the past.
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Share your Littlestown History and go down in History.

This Historical Society will only be as successful as you make it.

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Do you have memories of the way that Littlestown was in the Past? Write those memories out and submit them for the Memories section of this web site. If you compose these memories on a computer they can be e-mailed to Ken Thomas. If you write them out by hand drop them off at the Historical Society or mail them to Ken Thomas, 1810 White Hall Road, Littlestown, PA 17340. Maybe your dad or aunt or some other member of your family has memories that are worth recording. Make sure that they are put down for posterity. All material, stories and memories will be identified as to the source. If some one writes out their memories, it would be beneficial to have a biographic sketch of that person to include. (If you can not write these memories out, contact the Society to have someone come and tape record your remarks so that they can be written out.)

Maybe you have information about Littlestown, or you would like to find out how to donate items of historical interest about Littlestown, please email Ken Thomas to find out how to do this.

Items that could be donated: Pictures, old birth certificates, old letters, documents, land documents, maps, books, marriage licenses, business advertisement posters, business give-a-ways, old calendars, items made in Littlestown, school yearbooks, old newspapers from Littlestown or about Littlestown, etc. If pictures are of people, please have them identified if possible.

We will be accepting larger items in the near feature, in hopes of opening a museum down the road.

If you donate an item, it will be marked with an identification number, cataloged, and you will be given credit for this donation.




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