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Zip Code 17340 Area Code 717 School Code 01520


Adams County

Proprietor :
Peter (Kline) Little

(Kline is German - roughly translate to Little in English)

Town Laid out in 1765
One of the Oldest Towns in Adams County

Known as :
Kline Stedtle
Littles Town
- and finally Littlestown

Peaceful Village
Ode to Littlestown-1965

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Littlestown Area Fire Protection

Alpha Fire Company No. 1
40 East King Street
P.O. Box 475
Littlestown, PA 17340
Phone: (717) 359 – 4212
Fax: (717) 359 – 8425

Official Web Site

Littlestown Fire Alarm Sounds:
1. The Fire Alarm will be short up and down cycles. 
2. The rescue alarm will be long up and down cycles.

3. The EMA Alert alarm will be a warble type siren. 
4. The EMA alert take cover alarm will be a steady blast for 3 minutes.


Kingsdale Vol. Fire Company
1789 Frederick Pike
Littlestown, PA 17340
Phone: (717) 359 – 5566
Fax: (717) 359 – 9651

Official Web Site - Second Site

Penn State Life Lion
Critical Care Transportation Service

Maryland State Police Aviation Command

Adams County Fire Companies

Littlestown Alpha Fire Company No. 1 History
A large group of interested citizens met on Saturday, August 8, 1885, in the school building. Their purpose was to organize a fire company for the protection of property. Dr. E.K. Foreman was emporary chairman and Charles B.Barker was temporary secretary. A committee of three, Mr. Barker, Joseph E. Kearnes and D.B. Allenman was appointed to frame a series of resolutions to be presented to the Burgess and the Town Council....this was it....

"RESOLVED; That the Burgess and the Town Council are hereby requested to procure at once a good and sufficient quantity of hose, hose reel, laddeers and trucks, also fire buckets, all of which are deemed necessary for the proper equipment of said company;

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED: That the Burgess and the Town Council at their earliest convenience procure a lot and erect thereon a suitable building for the accommodation of said apparatus at aas central a point as possible."

A committee of five - C. B. Barker, James W. Ocker, L.M. Alleman, John Whaler and John A. Shorb, was appointed "to procure not less than 50, good able men to become active members of the Fire Company."

Friday, August 13, a second meeting was held - 90 signatures had been secured for membership and 65 answered the roll. These officers were elected to serve for one year:
President..............Dr. E. K. Foreman
Vice President......Joseph W. Ocker
Secretary.......................C. B. Barker
Treasurer...................John A. Shorb
When a name was selected -- "Alpha" polled 38 votes; the second closest was "Junior" with 10 votes. The engine house was built on a lot 33 ft. x 264 ft. on East King Street, purchased from Lewis Rickstine and wife, Louisa, for $700. Drawings and specifications cost $20.00. The Building itself, erected by John Eliine, cost $3000. Official dedication was Nov. 18, 1886. The fire bell, atop the engine house was purchased January 3, 1887. In October, 1951, an addition to the building was begun. The total cost upon completion was $5398.42. In 1964 another addition was begun and completed early at a cost of $39,500. In the 1990's another addition was added to the building.
$206.50 was spent on the first equipment purchased for Alpha Fire Company No. 1.

Since 1910 several renovations have been made to the engine house, including a large addition to the back of the building in 1991. In 1985 a building was erected on the site of the former tennis courts on Locust Street for use during the annual carnival.

In 1974 the fire company assumed the responsibility of providing emergency medical services to the community due to the increasing amount of calls and the decreasing amount of personnel to operate the service. Prior to this time, the service was provided by American Legion Post 321. The Legion turned the ambulance service over to the Borough of Littlestown who in turn transferred it over to the fire company. The ambulance in service at this time was a 1972 Cadillac.

First motorized apparatus in Adams County in front of the engine house.

First Engine Owned by Alpha Fire Company No. 1
1896 Hose Reel and Ladder Wagon