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Parenting: The Toughest Job on Earth

A collection of parenting information compiled by Mr. Tim Harrison school counselor - Francis Scott Key:

"You have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk".
I often tell students here at FSK that it is tough being a teenager in society today. I also add that the next toughest thing to do is parent a teenager.
Being the parent of three teens myself (161/2, 15, 13), I have learned first hand that “ more is caught than is taught”. That is simply to say that as parents we must be good role models for our kids.
If we want our teens to make right moral decisions, we ourselves must provide that example.
I believe that there are four major areas of our life that we need to keep in order so as to provide a good example to our children.

• Physical (we must take care of our physical body)
• Mental (we must take control of our mind and emotions)
• Social (we must be good citizens and care about others)
• Spiritual (We must provide ourselves & family with a moral compass)
Consistency is the key. The “do as I say and not as I do” philosophy does not work with teenagers.
• Be proactive by taking care of our bodies, exercise, eat right and eliminate the vices.
• Take care of our minds and emotions. We cannot make decisions or live our lives based on emotions. Make informed life decisions based on sound moral judgment.
• Follow the Golden Rule, do unto others……. You know what I mean.
• Parents must provide a sound moral foundation based on something bigger than ourselves.
Respect for authority is not something that can be demanded. It is something we command by our mode of life and our consistent behavior in our children’s presence.
While traveling the difficult road of parenting it will be easier to steer our teens in the right direction if we as adults obey the rules of the road.

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