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Information that might be of help in planning a class reunion

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How do I go about planning a reunion? (A collection of thoughts and ideas)
I have had a number of questions about planning a class reunion. To help fill this need for information I have put together a general set of ideas to consider in planning a class reunion. I have been involved in the planning of my high school reunion for a period of time, and have gained a good deal of insight form this experience. I graduated with the Biglerville High School Class of 1962. We have a Class web page and are also putting out a class newsletter. More about these later.

Reunion Planning considerations:
One person, should not attempt to plan for a class reunion with out the help of a committee.

Usually, the senior class officers forms the committee that plans the first reunion. After the first reunion is held, a committee can be chosen form those who attend this reunion event. The first reunion may be held at five years after graduation or some wait until ten years after graduation. There are a few classes that hold a reunion the first year after graduation. The sooner that one is held the easier it is to keep up with the changes of class members’ addresses. After the first reunion is held, a reunion is usually held every five years. A few classes only hold these every ten years. Once the class gets older they often have them closer together.

Planning should start form six months to a year before actually holding the reunion. This will make it easier to set a date and give each class member a chance to work this date in to their schedule. It is better to start planning about a year ahead to get the best response from your class members.

The first thing that needs to be accomplished, is obtaining a list of addresses for the members of the class. One place to start is to visit your high school office and see if a mailing list can be obtained from them. With new regulations, this may not be possible with many schools. Even this list will have many incorrect addresses. The next method is to get a list of the class members from the last yearbook for this class. Check with the parents of these class members for addresses. Check with friends that you know are still in the area, to see if they may have stayed in contact with others class members. Start a web site for the class and place a notice on this web site asking that former members send you their address for the purpose of a reunion. The web site can also be used to announce the particulars of the next reunion. A number schools have an alumni connection where you can add your web site to the school web site. Check phone books and do web searches to find addresses.

The next step involves deciding what type of reunion event that you want to hold and where and when. This might be a picnic type affair, or a more formal dinner affair, or just a simple gathering at a well known theme park. There are many possible ways to hold a reunion event. Some classes hold a weekend event where they have a formal dinner on one night and a picnic event the following day. Some choose to go on a short river or bay cruise in order to have their event. [For our 50th reunion we had a 3 day affair. We started on Friday and got met at the our town library (which was new) and took a tour. After this we held a class talent show in the meeting room of the library. We then has an evening meal at a local restaurant. We all then went to the home football game and were honored at halftime. On Saturday we met for breakfast at a local restaurant after which we took a tour of the local history society building and then on for a tour of our high school. That evening we had a formal dinner where among many other activities we honored those who had passed away and who were in our class at some time. On Sunday we held a picnic starting at noon. Each person brought along a food dish to share and a basket filled with different items for a raffle or silent type auction. A pig roast and a few other items were provided by the class.]

If you area going to hold a dinner, you need to check out restaurants or caters and find out when they are available and how much they charge. You need to decide if you want to use a DJ to provide music and dancing. You need to find out if there will be a cost for the place you are holding this event above the cost of the food. If you are going to have a bar at this event, there might be flat fee for this along with each person paying for what they drink. If you would like to have a class picture of this event, you may need to hire a photographer to take a group picture. This may not incur any direct cost to the class, but those who want a copy will need to know how much this is going to cost. If you decide to have a decorative cake for the event, this is still another cost.

You will need to decide on what type of food to offer as well as how many people will be served. Early on, you have know way of knowing how many will be attending. You will have to make an educated guess so you know what size room to reserve. Most caters or restaurants need to know about a week before the actual event as to the exact number.

You need to contact the class members and find out who will be attending and what food they would like if you are going to have choices. You might have a list of several meals they can chose form or you might have a buffet with different items.

You will need to figure out what each person attending will have to pay. This will include all the cost including rental, food, DJ, postage to send out letters, cost to send out notices for the next reunion, etc., divided by the number of those who you believe will attend.

If you are planning to have a picnic event instead, you can keep the cost downs, by having everyone bring something to share. The committee can provide table settings, a meat and drinks and take up a collection to cover these cost.

Program of events for the event:
You also need to decide on a program for event - Who will offer a blessing? What time is the meal served? Who will make announcements? What time will dancing start, if you are having a DJ. What time will the class Photo be taken? What time will you have a meeting to talk about who will be on the committee for the next reunion and what was good and bad about this event?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration as a class reunion is planned. The cost can be a major factor. Some classes hold fund raising events in between to keep the cost down to individual members. Some classes also hold a monthly get-together at a local restaurant for those who live close, just to meet and keep up with what is happening. Another thing to consider is that some classes when in school had many clicks that will make it difficult to get some of the members to attend a reunion event. Many times it takes years before some will get beyond those memories of school clicks. With that in mind do not slight any class members in letting them know what is going on or what your committee is planning. It may be a good idea to have the reunion committee made up from a cross section of class members.

Note about DJ’s:
We use to have a DJ at our reunion event, but we no longer do. We found that very few wanted to dance at the reunion. Most just wanted to sit and talk to classmates, that we had not seen in a while. This can be a big savings.

Reunion Booklet:
Many classes also put out a reunion booklet at each reunion which contains information about what each class members is doing, what their address is, their spouse if married, children, and other interesting information. Sometimes they ask a question for each class member to respond to, to make the information even more interesting. What happen in our school that sticks out most in your mind? Who was your favorite teacher? Do you remember when such and such happened? What teacher had the biggest impact on your life and how? Which class did you like the least, etc.

PowerPoint CD:
I also put together a self running PowerPoint CD that we have running during the reunion event. Anyone who wants a copy of the CD can purchase it at cost. It contains pictures form the class members of when they were in school, or of social events when they were together. It contains most of the pictures form our yearbooks. It contains pictures of the planning committee working to get the reunion up and running. It contains pictures from past reunions.

Reunion event bulletin Board:
You may want to have some sort of portable bulletin board at the reunion, where those attending can bring along photos to share with the class.

Class Web Site:
Once a class has established a routine for their reunion, they may want to establish a web site for the class, where information about class events can be placed. Here are a few examples.: , ,

Class Newsletter:
My high School class has just started putting out a class newsletter about 3 times a year. It contains information about class members, information about our school buildings and what is happening to them, information about our towns that would be of interest, information about former teachers that we had, etc. We send it to those members who have an email address. If anyone else wants a copy they have to pay $5 a year to cover cost of postage, paper, ink, envelopes, etc.

In conclusion:
This is a collection of ideas and information that I have gathered from my own experiences. It is my hope that it might give you a little help as you plan your reunion. Maybe it will spark an idea that will make your class reunion an memorial event. I hope your reunion is a success and that you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. If you have other thoughts that you would like me to add to this collection of information, send it to me. If I think it would be of help, I will post it with this information and give you credit for your information.



This Page Compiled by
Kenneth Thomas - E-mail
Retired from teaching at Littlestown High School after 38 years.