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Zip Code 17340 Area Code 717 School Code 01520


Adams County

Proprietor :
Peter (Kline) Little

(Kline is German - roughly translate to Little in English)

Town Laid out in 1765
One of the Oldest Towns in Adams County

Known as :
Kline Stedtle
Littles Town
- and finally Littlestown

Peaceful Village
Ode to Littlestown-1965

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This Page Compiled by
Kenneth Thomas



(Taken from an Advertiseing Bulletin from 1880's - 1890's)


(Adams County)

Breeder of and Dealer in all the leading Varieties of Land and Water Fowls
Poultry , Bantams, Pigeons, White Albino Doves, Ring Doves, Canaries, Parrots, Song Birds,
Rabbits, Belgion Hares, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, White Rats, Goats, Monkeys, Squirrels and Dogs.

Eggs in Season at $1.00 per 13. Stock bought, sold, and exchanged at all times. If you have anything to exchange for stock send me your offers. I want an Organ, Single Barrel Breech Loading Shot Gun for Target Shooting, Sewing Machine, or anything useful.Send me correct description of all you have to exchange and I will send you my offer.

Testimonials of Parties who Dealt with me.


Sprakers, Montgomery Co., N.Y., April 4, 1889,
Mr. A. Sherman:
My dear Sir:- I received the pair of white Barbs, all O.K. last evening. I am very much pleased with them. Thought I only paid you three dollars for them I think them well worth ten dollars cash. When I am in need of some stock I will happily favor you with an order.
Yours respectfully,
A. N. Lasell


Milton Pa. January 16, 1889
Mr. Sherman:
Dear Sirs: - Pigeons and rabbits came to hand. They are very fine. I will send you another order in a week or two, as I think your stock is as fine as any man has.
Yours respectfully,
C. W. Sanders
Canton N. Y., May 27, 1887.
Mr. Sherman:
Dear Sir: - The doves arrived this noon, and I am very well pleased with them. Have you any Bald Head Tumblers? If you have, please send prices. If not too high I will send the money for a pair.
Yours respectfully,
A. N. Lasell..
Altoona, Pa., November 12, 1889
A. Sherman, Esq.:
Dear Sir: - Both Dogs arrived O.K. to-day; I am very much pleased with my Gordon Setter Bitch Pup, and intend keeping her myself and making a No.1 dog out of her as she shows elegant points. The Ratter was for one of the gentlemen here in our office. I will inquire about the other dogs you have for sale and let you know.
P.O. Box 656   Respectfully,
W. D. Seibert


York Springs, Pa., October 20, 1888.
Mr. Sherman:
Sir: - I received the Lop-Eared Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Bantams. I think they are the finest I ever saw. When in need of more stock I will happily favor you with an order. Have you the pair of Fantails yrt? If si let me know.
Yours respectfully,
S. B. Kemp.


Altoona, Pa. , December 6, 1889
A. Sherman:
Dear Sir: - The Collies arrived all right and the party is very much pleased with them; I will let you know about New foundland dog in a few days.
P.O. Box 656   Respectfully,
W.D. Seibert
Saxton, Bedford Co. Pa., Feb. 27, 1889
Mr. Albert Sherman:
Dear Sir: - The dog arrived as lively and frisky as a dog could be. I think he is worth many times what I paid you for him. When I wanted any other stock will certainly send you an order as I am satisfied you are honest and keep fine stock.
Mrs. H. J. Nice


Huntington Pa., Feb 15, 1890
Dear Sir: - I received dog and your letter O.K. some time ago. I am well pleased with her and think she is a good specimen, only she seems playful for a dog of 14 months. I have no lops nor could I get you any. This town never had any lop-eared rabbits, and no fancy pigens., until I introduced eight or ten breeds, among which a very fine strain of white fans, crested and booted, smooth heads and plain legs. I have no more birds at present to trade, but can give you a bargain on several pair of fans soon. Can tell you more about them in a few days.
Thos. W. Snyder
Athol Centre, Mass., Aug 15, 1888
Mr. Albert Sherman:
Dear Sir: - I received the stock to-day and am well satisfied. When in need of more I will send you my order, as I think you are an honest man.
I. H. Brookhouse
Delphi, Ind., Nov. 10, 1889
Mr. Albert Sherman:
Dear Sir: - I received the Ferrets in good condition, and am greatly pleased with them; I think you are an honest man. I will write to you when I want anything else in your stock.
P.O. Box 72   Yours respectfully,
Arthur Sidenbender

Ottawa, Canada, August 11, 1887
Mr. Sherman:
Dear Sir: - The Birds received O.K. and am well pleased with them. When in need of more stock will let you know.
Very respectfully,
P.E. Schenk, Jr.

Kingston, Mass., June 4, 1889
Albert Sherman, Esq.:
Dear Sir: - I received the Pigeons in good order and must thank you for your prompt attention. I am very much pleased with them, and can well recommend you to my friends. I may want some more soon.

Yours respectfully,
J.E. Thompson


Wheeling, W. Va., December 7, 1888
Mr. Sherman:
Dear Sir: - The Pigeons arrived last evening; they are fine ones; will send for the Pouters next week; I like the style of your shiping coops.

Very respectfully,
P.E. Schenk

Owensboro, Ky., May 5, 1888
Mr. A Sherman:
Dear Sir: - The Bantams and Lop-eared Rabbits arrived in fine condition. They are very fine and when in need of more I will remember you.
Yours respectfully,
W. C. Clayton